Edible Indy, 2012

Pies are pleasant and tarts are tasty, but autumn fruit shines in savory dishes, too.


Rue, 2011

The kind of wedding magic that Paige Appel and Kelly Harris create at Bash, Please is pure fodder for inspiration boards of brides-to-be. It all starts at their equally inspiring studio in Culver City, Calif.


The Arizona Republic, 2008

My shoes were not the first thing that Christian Louboutin noticed when we met, a relief only in retrospect. Footwear is the one thing you had better get right when you meet the god of shoes.


That's the Spirit

Edible Indy, 2011

The winter months are full of celebrations and holidays — toast to them with cocktail recipes for the Clove Smoker, Elderberry Spritz and Politics as Usual from Indy's best craft cocktail bar.

Swimwear for those who dare

The Arizona Republic, 2008

Oh, the irony. To wear the trendiest one-piece suit, you have to have a two-piece body. 

A cure for the common commode

The Arizona Republic, 2008

For some dining spots, having a stylish bathroom is the new weapon in word-of-mouth advertising. Smart toilets, high-end fixtures and sleek design can create as much buzz as a menu. 


Fruit Loop Acres

Edible Indy, 2011

This is not your conventional fruit farm, with tidy rows of trees and bushes stretching on and on. It's wild and unconventional, and that's just the way the owners like it.  

Sweet holiday traditions

Edible Indy, 2012

If you bake at this time of year, then you’re always on the lookout for something new and festive to try. Here, sweets makers share the stories behind their favorite holiday treats, with recipes that just might become traditions of your own.


Invite lidia into your kitchen

SheKnows, 2010

Lidia Bastianich is the Italian grandmother you never had who passes down family recipes and teaches you how to make marinara sauce and meatballs. Now, she’s even sharing her pasta bowls and wooden spoons, with a new line of cookware.

Ina Garten debuts baking mixes

SheKnows.com, 2011

Asking the Barefoot Contessa to pick her favorite from her new line of breakfast and dessert mixes is "like choosing between my children," she says.

Cooking pros share their best Thanksgiving recipes

SheKnows.com, 2010

What do people who cook for a living make on Thanksgiving? We were curious too, so we asked four cooking pros to share their ideal Thanksgiving menus and recipes.